Current News & Events

July 2016 ~ Our first Artist’s Edition is ready to ship and includes prints of Herbert Pföstl’s nine original Schrift-Landschaften drawings, along with a foreword written by filmmaker David Gatten titled “Navigation Charts, Compass Points & Ledger Lines: Herbert Pföstl’s Schrift-Landschaften as Philosophical Instruments.”

February 2016 ~ After two years in the making, A Shelter for Bells: From the Writings of Jürgen von der Wense is scheduled to be completed this year and published in 2017. The book is scheduled to be hand set and printed letterpress by Jon Beacham at The Brother in Elysium

January 2016 ~ Epidote Press will offer its first Edition this summer. The Schrift-Landschaften described by artist Herbert Pföstl: “As incantation in repetition, these landscapes of script are walks in writing on fields of paper. Resurrected fragments, summoned as vows: exercises to gain time.”

NOVEMBER 2015 ~ Corbel Stone Press has included some fragments from our forthcoming book A Shelter for Bells: From the Writings of Jürgen von der Wense in the most recent volume of their exquisite journal Reliquiae

SEPTEMBER 2015 ~ The first pamphlet in our new Pamphlet Series will be published in Winter 2016. Artists include Theodor Däubler, Kirston Lightowler, Steve Roden, Adalbert Stifter, James Walsh, and others.

APRIL 2015 ~ Epidote Press has received a travel grant to conduct research in the Hans Jürgen von der Wense Collection at the Universitätsbibliothek Kassel! 

DECEMBER 2014 ~ Fragments and a short essay from our forthcoming book A Shelter for Bells: From the Writings of Jürgen von der Wense have been published in Reliquiae. Please consider supporting the very fine Corbel Stone Press by purchasing a copy.