Current News & Events

March 2022 ~ After a very long hiatus, Epidote Press has several new projects in the works. Stay tuned!

June 2020 ~  We are delighted to announce that Barbara Epler (New Directions) has included A Shelter for Bells: From the Writings of Hans Jürgen von der Wense in her curated selection of the best summer reading for TANK Magazine’s Summer Reader issue. Epler writes: A Shelter for Bells offers a ravishing selection of the little-known work of Hans Jürgen von der Wense (1894-1966). This brilliant polymath—composer, translator, folklorist, wanderer, aphorist, poet—was also an encyclopedist; for his All-Book, Wense considered and embraced everything—from a register of the items in Alcibiades’s bedchamber to a text fragment on singing crickets and a treatise on earwax. A radical, obsessive walker, Wense was a poet of landscapes and skies. ‘Lost time is not found again,’ Bob Dylan warns, but lost times, and lost geniuses, are sometimes rediscovered—and A Shelter for Bells is proof.”

February 2019 ~ Herbert Pföstl’s Schrift-Landschaften Drawings and Other Works will be on display at The Brother in Elysium Books (Tivoli, NY) from March 2nd until April 28th. Further details at The Brother in Elysium.